Aining Wen
Instagram: @Aining.wen


I am an illustrator from Beijing, currently study MA Children’s Book Illustration in Cambridge School of Art in UK.

I loved drawing when I was little. I was interested in catching the shapes and colours from nature and my daily life.  When I studied at University, my major was Fine Art, but I found myself addicted to children’s books. Those beautiful illustrations and fantastic stories opened a door to me to see the amazing world. So I decided to come to Cambridge.

This year, I have already published four books in China, but all of them just illustrations, it was good to work with an author to build a wonderful and complete children’s book together. But I still had a desire to publish a children’s book by myself. So I created MUSIC FOREST and BEST FRIEND for my master’s project, both the stories and illustrations took a long time to finish, but I felt so happy and enjoyed the process.

I thank art for letting me see the beautiful world and thanks to my family, my tutors and friends who make me feel love.

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