Alina Kasparyants
Instagram: @alina.kasp

Alina_Kasparyants_1My name is Alina Kasparyants, I am an illustrator and graphic designer from Moscow, Russia. Usually, I illustrate self-written stories for young and adult readers. People, portraits, chairs, books and museums, you name it, I find everything an inspiring subject. I like painting and making experimental projects but more than that I enjoy storytelling. I think my job is to find a way to make the reader as fascinated in the story as I am. It can take any form as a wordless, novelty or a conventional picturebook. I make books that can be very interactive and ask from the reader to be playful and creative. Also, I like to keep my stories open for different interpretations, so that each reading experience is unique and engaging. I usually work in mixed media using ink, liner pen and colour pencils. I enjoy adding a funny quirkiness to my works.








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