Anne Mercedes

I am a French artist based in London. I’ve developed a body of sculptural work which is represented in public collections across Europe and Asia, and I’m a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

I weave my interest in the expressive and visual qualities of materials into writing stories as a way of raising young people”s awareness about the world we live in. All situations are complex: my work is driven by the desire to convey this fact in a visible form.

My aim is to engage with my young audience on ecological, gender and economic issues which are paramount in our contemporary world. Sometimes I like to create absurd situations, as in The Door Factory, sometimes I like to turn to animals for a subversive view of the human world, as in Hermeline.

Knight, Ungerer, Quino, Sempé, Blake, Burningham, Alemagna, Marjorie Leray and their mischievous approach to life played an important role in my desire to become an illustrator.