Carole Aufranc
Instagram: carole_aufranc

My name is Carole and since I was a child I have always been drawing. I love to observe and create imaginary worlds which appease me. That is how I ended up with the desire of becoming an illustrator to learn how to create stories and to share them. Indeed, my wish through my work is to help other people in particular children. Thus, I firstly did a bachelor in Illustration in Lausanne and continued to specialize in Children’s Book by attempting this master.

Born and raised in Switzerland, where mountains and lakes are many, I’m highly inspired by nature and my favourite subjects to draw are big landscapes with animals and creatures. Frequently, my characters tend to be lost and are seeking self-accomplishment. I usually use écoline and gouache for their brightness and depth with hints of lightness and softness with colour pencil and pastel as mediums. Fascinated about the elegance of Swiss papercuts, I recently try to add paper to my work with collage.

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