Ellen Vesters

Ellen 1

Growing up in a small village with nothing much to do, the sense of escapism that stories had to offer was magical for me. When I got older a different aspect of storytelling attracted me: listening to narratives of other people’s lives. I became a (children’s) psychologist. But, in these listening years I missed expressing myself. I slowly changed careers, started an illustration practice and, after a summer school at the Cambridge School of Art, joined the MA, where everything clicked.

I was known as ‘the commuter’. Flying up and down to Cambridge has been the biggest adventure of my life. Maybe it was always literally being with my head in the clouds that has made my work develop more poetically than I imagined.

In my drawings I always feel the need to put something quirky or edgy in. One cannot take the psychology out of the psychologist, so my stories have an emotional quality. I would go as far as to say that also with my illustration work my main goal would be to touch people, to connect with an audience. I want to make work that shows personality and vulnerability.