Estefanía Santos

Instagram: @estefaniasantosillustration

I am an illustrator from Quito-Ecuador and I love to share my childhood memories, travel experiences, my country’s folklore heritage and nature into illustration. I like to explore different materials, but I mostly work with gouache and acrylic into mix-media. It is important for me to show colorfulness, pattern and happiness with a bit of a childlike spirit in my work.

In my home country, I did a BA in Contemporary Arts with a sub-specialization in Illustration, Comic and Sequential Image in Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Meanwhile, I went to Seoul, South Korea for an exchange year in Sungkyunkwan University, taking subjects related to Fine Arts and Fashion Design. After graduating from the BA I understood that I wanted to focus on Illustration, so I took some short courses with Santiago González, Marco Chamorro, Roger Ícaza, Alice Bossut, Istvansch and Gustavo Puerta Leisse. This was an impulse for me to follow my dreams and go to the UK to study the MA of Children’s Book Illustration in Cambridge School of Art. Now that I finished my studies, I am looking forward to dedicating more my time into this beautiful career.







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