Farah Iqbal

Hello! I am an illustrator and picture book maker from Singapore. Prior to doing the MA in Children’s Book Illustration, I worked as a film and television editor for nearly a decade before moving to Japan for three years to teach English under the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme. I found that I explained concepts and ideas most naturally through visuals and it rekindled my childhood love for drawing.

The MA has been invaluable in opening up a pathway to the wonderful world of children’s books to me, and I can’t imagine a job more fulfilling than writing and illustrating picture books for a living.

Other than drawing, I am also passionate about issues of sustainability and strive to convey values of social equality and environmental conservation in ways that can leave an impression on a child, whilst not being tedious and moralistic. I’ve found that creating central characters that readers can empathize with is key and I thoroughly enjoy coming up with new characters and sketching out different expressions and situation for them.

Apart from creating my own picture books, I also enjoy doing black and white work in a loose pen and ink style.

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