Gemma Wells

I am a UK-based illustrator and writer who firmly believes in the power of storytelling for making a difference. I originally studied Ecology and have come from a career in the wildlife conservation sector so a lot of my work is driven by my love for the natural world.

I am incredibly curious about how to use my illustration and writing to encourage empathy – whether that’s for the environment, each other or ourselves. So far I‘ve been exploring this theme though narrative and non-narrative picture books and illustrated fiction for young adults.

During the Masters I learnt to illustrate digitally, which is now my favourite way of working. I am inspired by screen printing and papercutting but love the way that digital work can be produced so quickly and intuitively. I enjoy overlaying bold colours and using simple block shapes and minimalist-influenced design to create warm, expressive images.


Flavia Zorilla Drago   |   Hannah Moshtael