Hui Ching Yang

My name is Ching, I come from Taiwan. I love stories and the creativity in picture books. Therefore, I expected to make my own picturebook and tell stories I want.

My stories are inspired by the experience in my daily life or my family and friends, I like the process to imagine my stories in images. By making picturebook, I hope I can creating stories and through them to evoke some emotional resonance of readers. Besides, I like to try and design some special subjection of interactive gadgets in my picturebooks. It made my happy and so excited when the book not only a book but also like a toy. The mediums I enjoy working with are pencils, colourful pencils, ink, gouache and collage.

The MA course is a big adventure in my life, I learned a lot while the period of time. I hope I can keep learning and doing what I love.