Inbal Leitner

Hi, I am Inbal.

I studied animation and worked as a classic animator for TV and private clients, I worked mainly on children content, such as directing and animating TV series for young kids and video clips.  After about ten years I decided to focus on illustration only. So far I have illustrated five children books (Middle grade, poetry and picture books) that were published in Israel and Germany and worked on various illustration commissions for magazines, theatre, CD productions and private clients.

I work with different media, dry materials such as pastels, charcoal and coloured pencils, sometimes combined with paints and collage, sometimes I prefer wet media, depends on the story. During the course I enjoyed experimenting with printmaking, mainly monoprint combined with relief printing and stamps, it was and still is, a challenging and fun technique.

I believe illustration can simplify and communicate complexed issues to children, and I trust children to visually read and understand these messages. I enjoy developing projects which are based on social, environmental and cultural subjects, that challenge me as a storyteller and an artist.  

I am based in Cambridge, UK.

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