Jackie Taylor

I grew up in rural Cambridgeshire and worked as a book and graphic designer, but always loved drawing, painting and picturebooks.This led to my recent MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, an opportunity to express my enjoyment of character, animals, people, and nature.My illustration research usually begins as pencil drawings, on location whenever possible. Or as watercolour studies. I may then layer watercolour digitally with a drawing – as in the illustration shown here of the girl and cat. Alternatively, I colour pencil drawings on screen – such as in the two images of animals on this page, drawn to illustrate Aesop’s Fables.I enjoy vibrant but controlled colour palettes and strong design on the page. My aim is to create atmospheric narrative images with interesting characters, and to entertain and challenge my audience. If I can manage that, I am happy.

jackie 2 Jackie 3