Jenna Graham

I grew up in Scotland, believing as a child, that there were fairies at the bottom of the garden. I was raised on picture books, on fairy tales, on myths and legends and they have stayed with me like an echo into adulthood.
I studied Illustration (BA) at Dundee University before becoming a teacher of Art, Design and Photography. Teaching keeps me on my toes, has taught me to work at pace and keeps my problem solving skills honed. I completed an MEd in Art Education which helped me re-establish my arts practice, by becoming an artist teacher whose teaching and arts practice complement each other. My job means I must be sensible a lot of the time, but I never lost the feeling that magic exists just beyond your line of sight.
My MA work is primarily paper based, hand-cut sculptures. I develop narratives by creating delicate papercut objects that help my fantastical ideas become tangible.