Joe Hollis

In 2018 I graduated, I was thrilled to win the V&A Student Illustrator of the year.

My work was also highly commended in the Macmillan prize.

I loved every moment of the course. Luckily there’s no end to learning from the many challenges of picture-book making, so I continue to explore and enjoy the journey.

I aspire to create work with warmth and affection that ultimately spreads a sense of well-being.
Where possible I like to infuse my illustrations with a sense of fun. Joy is contagious so when the Illustration process is joyful it shows in the work. Play is at the heart of my process – letting the imagination run free with whatever is at my fingertips. I compile images digitally, often working with colourful monoprint textures and dip pen and ink. I am fascinated by creating alternative worlds teeming full of intrigue, action and mischief.