Joseph Namara Hollis

I’m originally from Nottingham. I studied Graphic Arts and Design at Leeds Met graduating in 2009. Since then I’ve been developing my illustration career whilst also working with children in nurseries and schools as well as with autistic adults. I love work that gives me the opportunity to communicate, learn and broaden the mind – this also includes ongoing work with a physicist to illustrate the complex ideas of Quantum physics!

Where possible I like to infuse my illustrations with a sense of fun. Joy is contagious so when the illustration process is joyful it shows in the work. Play is at the heart of my process – letting the imagination run free with whatever is at my fingertips. I compile images digitally, working with colourful monoprint textures and dip pen and ink. I am fascinated by creating alternative worlds teeming full of intrigue, action and mischief. Whether through character or narrative, I aspire to create work with warmth and affection that reflects our human quirks and idiosyncrasies and that ultimately spreads a sense of well-being.

My time at Cambridge school of art has been exciting, challenging and has provided great inspiration for my future illustration career – and life.