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I like the freedom of exploring different ways of working. I studied Fine Art achieving a BA degree (1st) from Nottingham Trent University. Before the MA in Children’s Book Illustration,  I worked as a Graphic Designer, and spent time creating illustrations and working on book and art projects.

I am open, curious and intuitive in the way I work. I play in my sketchbook, trying things out and seeing where marks and shapes might lead. I want to create books with ideas and narratives to make people smile and encourage playful thinking or to see things differently.

When I was very young I was often told off for staring at school, this habit has paid off now that I’m addicted to drawing from life. Drawing from observation informs my projects and ideas. I love the feeling of becoming absorbed in a drawing, the mark making, the gesture and energy you can translate onto the page, and when the action of drawing takes over.

Combining colours is a joyful experience and the urge to make something is often associated with colours in my mind. Physical materials, texture, pattern and colour excite me.


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