Laura Chamberlain

I’m a paint-splattered doodler currently living Essex. I grew up in a family of writers so I always knew I needed to be the one to break the mould and do the pictures instead.

I graduated in 2017 with a first class degree in Graphic Communication and Typography before immediately starting this MA. This MA has helped me to find my voice as an illustrator which I’m excited to keep developing! My work is mostly in ink, gouache and coloured pencils although recently I’ve been trying my hand at printmaking.

My stories usually start with a question like ‘how do you paint a lighthouse?’ or ‘what’s Bigfoot up to?’ and then I let the rest develop. I love building new worlds for my characters, or, reimagining our own, filled with creatures we aren’t supposed to know about! When I’m not illustrating I’m either reading, travelling or collecting novelty teapots.