Louisa Claire Morris


I’m based near Cambridge, I’m a freelance artist, illustrator and writer of children’s books. I’ve loved experimenting with mixed media throughout this MA, and ink, collage, pencil, acrylic and gouache paints are my materials of choice.

I’m influenced by my two sons and by the young people I have had the pleasure of teaching over ten years in London, San Francisco and the Washington DC areas. I’ve experienced many diverse cultural differences. But the concerns of children, drawn from my experiences, tend to have similarities. I’m motivated to create empathetic, purposeful work, to address emotional and current social issues, in ways that may resonate with children.

I aim to provide rapport with a reader, to comfort, and teach the value of self love, appreciating oneself as an individual with unique qualities, in order to build self confidence. Starting this journey in picture books for young children is important, so that healthy self image may be inbuilt naturally as children grow up, with a healthy and self assured internal dialogue.
I hope you enjoy my work and sentiments behind it, as much as I have enjoyed this enlightening Masters course.