Madeline Renezeder

I am an illustrator, writer & designer from Laguna Beach, California. I am a lover of art, yoga and nature. I am especially passionate about reading and story telling. I jump on any opportunity for adventure and a lot of inspiration for my work comes from my travels.

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2016 with a BA in Studio Art. The people I learned from at Notre Dame are some of the most creative and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of working along side. Directly after graduation I worked for the Association for Craft Producers in Kathmandu, Nepal illustrating textiles patterns, designing jewelry and home goods. A truly incredible experience my time in Nepal still influences my work to this day. After Nepal I moved to LA and worked in freelance design in fabric pattern illustration. During this time I discovered my love for attention to detail and colour.

The MA in Children’s Book Illustration has taught me how to pull all my interests together and has pushed my work to a new level. Having the opportunity to learn how to communicate to children through illustration and fairy tale story telling on subjects such as body positivity has been irreplaceable and will inform my work throughout the rest of my career.