María J. Guarda
Instagram: mjguarda_ilus



I was born and raised in Chile where I studied Design. I worked as a graphic designer for several years, always trying to include illustration to my work. Little by little illustration started to gain more space in my practice and passion. I decided to place illustration in the first place. I arrived to the UK to study an MA in Illustration to understand more the general ideas in the field. After a while and with my new born child I discovered that children’s Illustration was the thing I loved the most. With my daughter I began to dive in wonderful books with a new pair of little eyes that accompany me. My new adventure was to go to Cambridge to study the Children’s Book Illustration MA which has opened my world.

I enjoy working on narrations with pictures for very young children. Trying different media and sorting out what could work best for telling stories has been one of my biggest passions lately. I very much enjoy every Project as a new journey where I think about how my way of doing images can narrate my vision of the story being told.










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