Marina Ruiz

Hi, my name is Marina. I was born and raised in Spain. As far as I remember I’ve always been drawing, sewing or doing some other creative activity. I studied Fine Arts in Madrid, and after that I spent some time working as a freelance illustrator.

Joining this course has made me step out of my comfort zone in many ways. I’ve experimented as much as possible; and rediscovered printmaking, falling in love with screenprinting.
I usually find as much joy in the creative process as in the actual final image.
Printmaking has changed the way I work out of the print room too. I love using limited colour palettes, exploring colour overlaps and textures, combining as many materials as I can think of.

I always find myself focusing on those little moments that happen in everyday life. I love creating small narratives in my images, always trying to make the interactions between my characters feel warm and genuine.
I also enjoy working with lyrical, more abstract narratives, combining images and text to express personal thoughts and emotions.

I’m passionate about nature and riddles, and secretly dream of becoming a private detective one day.

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