Megan Hobby Kauffman

My name is Megan Hobby-Kauffman. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina where I spent much of my time buried amongst books and dreaming up stories. My love of storytelling has never left me so I decided to do a double major in Journalism and English for my BA. My storytelling appetite never began to feel satisfied until I started exploring drawing as a way to communicate my stories. I have felt very at home and very challenged on the MA. I have felt more personal satisfaction, sheer happiness and excitement than ever before since getting to learn so much about visual storytelling.

I love creating unique characters and narratives that hold a truth about the world but present it with humour and fantasy. I also love exploring colour, shape and texture in my work and have found a special love of screen printing while on the MA. The unpredictable results of printmaking have encouraged me to embrace imperfection and to try new things. Often I feel that the imperfection in an image is its own special fingerprint, making it unique and giving it life and personality.