Omri Stephenson
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Based in North London UK, I have worked as an illustrator, designer, cartoonist and writer for over 15 years and, throughout this, my passion has always been for the art and production of children’s books.

Having gained an MA in Computer Imaging and Animation at the London Guildhall University in 1996, I worked for computer games and production companies before setting up my own design and illustration company.

Initially specialising in 3D computer graphics, I produced an array of digital imagery for publishing, advertising and the web. I later employed 2D vector graphics, together with some traditional techniques to produce projects and artwork including children’s publishing, web design, greetings cards, advertising and picture book apps for mobile and tablet devices.  In this time I also wrote and illustrated several picture books.

I’ve found inspiration from many children’s book illustrators including Posy Simmons, Raymond Briggs, Lauren Child, Dr. Suesse and of course the art and illustration of W Heath Robinson who’s work sparked off one of my titles – ‘Heath and Robins’ Well Intentioned Invention’!

Since embarking on my MA in Cambridge in 2015 , I have been introduced to many techniques and influences, giving me a fresh and exciting new perspective on this ever-growing and dynamic art form.

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