Padmacandra (Pippa Meek)

With a background in poetry, Buddhist practice and social work, I have always compulsively doodled both in words and pictures. In 2016 I embarked on the adventure that has been the CSA Children’s Book Illustration MA.

In aspects such as rhythm and pacing, I am inspired by analogies between poetry and the form of the picture book. My dream is to create picture books that speak to the reader from the transcending meeting place of imagination.

Two voices predominate in my work – a lyrical voice expressed through texture and pattern, and a more narrative one, that tends towards comical nonsense. Among many others, I am inspired by the work of Britta Teckentrup, who manages to produce work that is recognisably hers, yet encompasses a wide range of tones.

On the course, I’ve particularly enjoyed experimenting with oil pastels and printed textures, combining them (and other media) in sometimes unusual ways!