Phoebe Swan
Instagram: @phoebe.swan




I was born in north east London and still love living here, nestled in-between high-rise flats and electric pylons which stretch over Tottenham Marshes. I draw inspiration from both its urban and green spaces. I spent my childhood drawing and poring over picture books so I decided early on that I wanted to be an illustrator.
I graduated from Camberwell College of Art with a first in BA Illustration, but it has been during the masters that my artwork has really found its voice. I research projects by drawing from observation and then use a combination of traditional printmaking and digital manipulation to achieve the final artwork. There is nothing I enjoy more than pulling the first print off a piece of Lino that I have been carving for hours.
I enjoy both illustrating other people’s work and writing my own material. My years of teaching primary aged children and my interest in social and environmental justice issues inspire me to write stories that mean something to a young audience.
I have worked extensively in education and am now a part time lecturer in Illustration and Graphics at Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts.





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