Puck Koper

Instagram: @puckkoper



I make stories of everyday subjects, always with an honest and sometimes a bit naive view of the world. In my work, I like to show the joy and humour in the small and ordinary things of life, the things we all experience. I have a great curiosity about people and their lives. A bit like when you walk past someone’s living room window, you can’t help yourself, you have to look, I know at least that I always do. With my illustrations I like to give the reader that peep. My background in theatre set painting helps me to explore drawing in 3D, with paper engineering, subtle pop-up and tiny dioramas. And I am not afraid to show my own quirks and peculiarities in my characters, most ladies I draw have stubbly legs, big noses and nicely proportioned bums.  Puck_Koper_2




Phoebe Swan   |   Rachel Benge