Sanprapha Vudhivorn (Mimi)

Hi! My name is Sanprapha Vudhivorn (Mimi) from Thailand!

Since I was young, I have been happily surrounded by a great amount of books, which lead to a great amount of my own drawings and stories. I love storytelling as much as creating illustrations.

I enjoy working with the relationship between words and pictures, and exploring various techniques. I also discovered my new passion for printmaking during the MA. My project “Midsummer and September” won notable recognitions from SCBWI’s ‘Beginning-Middle-End’ competition in 2018.

I also have strong interests in emotional stories and stories about food. I would love to create books that can entertain my readers and can speak to their hearts.

Apart from my artistic life, I usually find myself in the kitchen with random cooking or baking, sometimes in art workshops for children and families, and some other times in the outside world ready for another adventure!