Sarah van Dongen

Hi! My name is Sarah van Dongen. I was born in Rotterdam 26 years ago and I have been drawing and creating story-worlds ever since. I studied comparative literature in Utrecht and I got my masters in Contemporary Literature in Amsterdam with a focus on childrenʼs literature. During my studies, I took part- time drawing courses and prepared myself for the MA Childrenʼs Book Illustration in Cambridge, which has proven to be a dream come true.
The narratives I create are interpretations of my own memories and dreams. I love to explore how colour, the use of details, and different settings can influence the atmosphere of my illustrations. Although I tend to create images that are sweet and safe, I donʼt shy away from the difficulties that every human being (eventually) faces. Subjects such as insecurity, loneliness, and loss are part of every phase of life, including childhood.