Saskia Hampton



Following on from an Art Foundation in London (where I’m from), I did a BA in Literature. I then worked as a newspaper editor (in Norway) for a few long, cold, years before committing myself fully to what I had been doing since I could first hold a pencil: drawing and writing – but this time in sunny France.

I really enjoy the experimentation side to illustration and love thinking up different ways to combine materials and techniques for new projects, as I feel that each story and set of characters deserves its appropriate aesthetic. Early on in the MA, I became a printmaking addict due to the ‘accidents’ that happen when you cannot control every element. I’m currently fascinated by stencilled mono-prints (whilst still loyal to lovely lino, due the wonderful heavy textures it produces).

I know it’s been a good day when it ends with ink-stained fingers.

My first Zim book ‘Why Should I?’ was shortlisted for David Fickling’s Master of the Inkpot in 2015 and my ‘Mother Goose’ illustration received an Honourable Mention in 3×3 in 2016.








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