Sawanee Draw
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25 years ago after I graduated from the university in Thailand, where I studied visual communication design, I started my career as an illustrator with a children’s book publisher. My interests in computer graphic design made me stray away from illustration and I started a career in the field of photo editing, website and interactive design. This work experience together with an MA in Multimedia Design from University of Sydney eventually got me a job as an art director at a digital marketing agency and later on as a lecturer at the School of Design, in Singapore

I have always wondered, “what if I had not chosen this path but remained in the publishing industry?”. “Where would I have been now and what could I have achieved?” It is about time to find out…. I left my computer skills behind, wiped the cobwebs from my rusty hands, picked up a pencil and started drawing again like I did 25 years ago.

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