Susannah Lovegrove


Growing up in rural Lincolnshire, with a menagerie of unusual pets and artistic parents, I discovered my love of drawing and storytelling. I forced my family to buy all my little handmade books, and when I was eleven years old, I answered a newspaper advert to illustrate a local author’s children’s book idea. Although those early drawings never did make it into print, the process sparked an interest in children’s books and illustration that has lasted throughout my life.

After working as a primary school teacher for fifteen years, I took a break to have children and a window of opportunity opened. The MA in Children’s Book Illustration has allowed me to experiment and evolve as an artist and I currently use a combination of printed textures, monoprints, drawing and sunography; blending the different elements together with the help of some digital magic.

I now live in rural Oxfordshire with my husband, three children and my own menagerie of animals.




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