Takae Mizutani

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I am a Japanese artist based in London, England. I have a mixed educational background in art and design. I have a small company called Takae Mizutani and sons where I design ceramic products. The products has elements of humour and child like naivety – the design concepts often come from viewpoint of a child inside me. I love creating products and stories which can tickle people’s imagination and make them smile.


Last two and half years in MA Children’s picture book at Cambridge School of Art was a wonderful and challenging experience. It helped me to widen my creative ability in many different directions. I feel that I have brought out my strengths, humour and sensibilities through my final projects. After having explored many options in a visual sense I was happy to come back to where my heart lies and input some playful elements into my work.


I felt so lucky to be on a wonderful journey. Let’s see where this will take me in the future. Hopefully I will find myself somewhere I never imagined!


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