Takae Mizutani

Twitter: @takae_mizutani




Colouring book was my favourite thing when I was small. I vividly remember the feeling of satisfaction – choosing the colour, completing the page by page and smell of freshly sharpened coloured pencils. My dad gave me a light-box tracing kit when I was 5, this was another level of amazingness – I could create my own colouring books tracing my favourite cartoon characters! Since then coloured pencils became my good friends, and many decades later they are still my favourite and trusty drawing tool.

I am a Japanese artist based in London, England. I have mixed educational background of design and art. I design ceramic product which often has elements of humour and child like naivety. I love creating products which can tickle people’s imagination and make them smile.

I currently study MA Children’s picture book in Cambridge School of Art. It’s challenging and stretching my creative ability in many different directions. I feel so lucky to be on a wonderful journey with talented fellow students. Let’s see where this will take me in the future. Hopefully I will find myself somewhere I can not imagine right now.






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