Theadora Whittington

Before turning to art, I studied theology and law in UK. While working as a lawyer in Beijing I learnt traditional Chinese ink painting. This led to study for another degree in illustration in Cambridge after which I practised as an illustrator, and continued to sell work in galleries while living in Hong Kong for 12 years. The gallery work in particular related to my fascination with SE Asian religious festivals and the role of religious belief in contemporary societies.

I am resident in both UK and Hong Kong, and hold both British and Australian citizenship.

Living in China and Hong Kong has also provided me with a strong interest in paper, and paper sculpture, combined with my love of printmaking and painting, has been greatly enhanced while studying for my MA in Children’s Book Illustration.

Themes relating to the endangered and the extinct are rooted in my travels in SE Asia, as well as in drawing and painting in English and Australian zoos, and in the wonderful Natural History Museum in London. I am happy to illustrate non fiction written my others, or by myself, or the fictional: I am happy to be flexible.

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