Victoria Furze

Growing up, drawing and books were my constant companions. I dreamt of faraway lands, magical beasts and adventures across windswept plains.

Fueled by my love for drawing, I went on to study fine art and was subsequently inspired to pass on my love of creativity to become an art teacher. My dreaming and adventurous spirit took hold however, and I travelled for many years drawing, teaching (and scuba diving!) across the world until I came across an elephant in a jungle…

The MA has taught me that I am capable of so much (and much more to follow), how to not be afraid of being me, that I can try to make a difference to the world through my drawing. I can evoke moods and mysteries and realms of escapism and places to dream. I hope to continue to do this for forever, for there is no greater privilege to me.

And one day, I will draw that elephant.