Virginia Coyne

Hey there! I’m Virginia, from Maryland. I’ve always adored picturebooks and was poring over them long before I could read. I drew constantly and made story after story, but it took a while to realise that I could do so professionally. Before coming to Cambridge, I studied Marketing and Fine Art at the University of Notre Dame. My background in marketing has helped me understand the business side of illustration, but my fine art training was a surprising hinderance: I had to unlearn a lot of “rules” ingrained over many years. I feel so free now! This MA has been amazing –I’ve learned a ton, met great people, and have had so much fun making pictures in new ways and seeing my own work with fresh eyes.

Most of my work has always been drawn, but this year I’ve been exploring and loving printmaking. It’s exciting where new media can lead you! I love playing with humour and exploring characters. What excites me most about illustration is the thought that something I created could bring a child as much joy as my beloved books did for me, and that I could inspire another to pick up a pencil and draw.