Wami Ariga

My name is Wami Ariga and I was born and raised in Yokohama City in Japan. I was awarded a degree in Graphic Design in Tokyo. Since I was a child I have liked drawing and making my friends happy with my illustrations.

After graduating, I worked as a graphic designer but I had a feeling that I wanted to draw illustrations. Therefore I decided to move to Cambridge and study children’s book illustration.
I used to use digital techniques to create my images before MA but this course give me the opportunity to try new art materials and to gain different perspectives.

I mainly create my work by hand, using watercolour and coloured pencils. However, I like experimenting with different mediums and materials such as gouache, ink, collage and sometimes linocut. Throughout my projects, I have enjoyed drawing people, especially children, along with the environment surrounding them. My most recent illustration project is about Xmas. I used coloured pencils and drew a family with a detailed background and a warm atmosphere.