Yessica Baeten

I’m an illustrator from the Netherlands, where I live with Joël and our cat Kerfuffle. Telling stories has always been my favourite thing to do and it’s a lot of fun to explore new ways of storytelling. Before the MA, I studied film and television theory. I also have experience with digital design and animation (2D, 3D and stop motion). The most important thing I’ve learnt on the course is that making a good picturebook is very hard, but passion and curiosity can take you a long way.

Children are such a great audience to make stories for. I draw a lot of inspiration from my childhood in the early nineties, a pre-digital era with an abundance of oversized bright-coloured jumpers. Film is also a huge source of inspiration for my work. The characters in my stories are either on a personal emotional quest or caught in an outlandish universe with its own ridiculous rules. Or both!

During the MA, I’ve been particularly focused on how the interplay between text, dialogues and pictures can make a story funny. I really enjoyed this process and it is something I would love to explore further in my future projects. I generally work with mixed-media and a limited palette of bold colours.